Friday, June 15, 2018

Luck of an Angel Graphics

Wiz Allred did the graphics for Eddy Lee's "Luck of an Angel" CD.  If you noticed the Eddy Lee Country headers located on FACEBOOK and in this blog (below) and compare to the photo of Eddy Lees Luck of an Angel CD (above), you will see it is the same.  However, note his boots are black and not brown and his hat is no longer brown, but his original black hat.

Of course the horse shoe with the opening towards the top is traditionally the symbol for good luck.

The angels wings on the CD were the wings of a live dove.

The red shirt Eddy Lee has on the "Luck of an Angel" CD, is the Scully Brand, which Eddy Lee really liked and was adding to his wardrobe. This red shirt is identical to the one he was buried in. Another was purchased and his Dad wore it for the photo and Wiz Allred did his graphic magic. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Timberline Rose

Eddy Lee, Mark Webernick, Rick Fowler, Steve Howard

“Timberline Rose”, a short lived band, Rick Fowler (Three Faces West) having picked the name; left to right in the photo above.  Eddy Lee on bass and guitar, Mark Webernick, key board, Rick Fowler on bass and guitar (he and Eddy Lee would trade off) and Steve Howard on rhythm.

Over the years the Bullington family vacationing in Red River stumbled onto this mountain town heading to a cousins wedding in Denver. During their yearly visits they would go to the Outpost where the Three Faces West performed. After 10 years, they moved to Red River.  Eddy Lee was to later tell his parents that he decided then that he would be a musician.  Eddy Lee was around 7 yrs. old at that time.  The Three Faces West members were Rick Fowler, Wayne Kidd, Ray Wiley Hubbard and later Steve Howard.  As an adult Eddy Lee was to later play with Rick Fowler, Wayne Kidd and Steve Howard.

You would always know how long someone had known Eddy Lee whether they called him Lee or Eddy Lee. Eddy Lee was his professional name. Rick Flower said that Eddy Lee liked that he called him Lee as a long time friend.

Steve Howard, Mark Webernick, Rick Fowler, Eddy Lee