Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Bridge Across Forever

“Bridge Across Forever” song was written by Eddy Lee and Mentor Williams, who were friends.  The link below is Eddy Lee’s singing this song from the “Luck of Angel” album.  Lynn Anderson, who was known for the song "Never Promised Me a Rose Garden", was Mentor’s partner for years. ‪#‎eddyleecountry‬

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Many of the song writers never are really known, but the performers of their music are.  Mentor wrote the classic Rock 'n' Roll song "Drift Away".  Mentor wrote this probably in his 20's and what Eddy Lee understood in an apartment behind what is known today as Bull O' the Woods Saloon in Red River across from their fierce competitor the "Mother-lode" where most of the known musicians played and Eddy Lee as well.

Lynn Anderson 9-26-47 to 7-30-2015

Mentor Williams 6-11-46 to 11-16-2016

Plaque of Remembrance Dedicated to Eddy Lee

This bridge and plaque were dedicated to the memory of "Eddy Lee" with the name of a song he wrote "Bridge Across Forever" during a ceremony on October 1, 2006.  The cast bronze plaque was created by Artistic Bronze Plaques Inc., which is owned by Mark Troisi of Florida.

The bridge is intended to include musicians in the future that made Red River a music mecca.  It has been a place many have come to listen to the music and dance

Both are located on a Nature hiking trail out side of Red River, which runs along the river at the base of the mountain and is a great hike for kids.  There are signs posted along the trail explaining history, animals, plants and geology of the area.

From Red River looking toward mountain
Looking back towards Library
Bridge/Trail Location

The hiking trail is located South side of Main St. across from the Red River Public Library just before the Y leaving Red RiverThere are many other hiking trails in the area.

Click Here Red River Hiking Trails PDF

Hiking trail beside river

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