Friday, May 18, 2018

Outlaw Love

Outlaw Love

Outlaw Love was written by Eddy Lee and Mentor Williams and the song's theme was probably influenced by Red River’s Memorial Weekend Biker Run, which been going on for many years now.  Outlaw Love is on Eddy Lee's first solo CD - "Horses on the Moon", which was released in May 1996.

Sample of Lyrics:

She’s a loaded gun; she’ll pull the trigger just for fun.
She was captured by a desperado’s touch
When she‘s satisfied she just can’t get enough Outlaw Love. 

The bars are the biker’s hang out during the time of Red River’s Memorial Weekend Biker Run. Mentor was heard describing it very enthusiastically one time and said it had to do with biker’s and wild living.

When Lynn Anderson went to the Sagebrush in Taos to listen to Eddy Lee she could not sit still when he sang this song and the next thing you know she was up on stage performing with him.

When the Bullington family lived in Houston and they took their young sons to the Astro-dome to see both Jerry Reed and Lynn Anderson. They were able to meet her and she gave Eddy Lee her autograph at that time. Later he was to meet her once again as a musician. Singing with her on stage and she sang "Amazing Grace" with a group of musicians at his funeral.

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